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Why GA MedGroup

Having a physician and nurse practitioner directing care for your loved one provides several advantages in their continuum of care. With the assistance of the center’s skilled nursing personnel, frequent rounds enable the GA MedGroup physician and nurse practitioner to provide person-centered medical attention along with the time to:

  • Implement admission visits to develop individual plans of care;
  • Review medication regimens, customizing them to best meet the patient’s needs;
  • Provide medically necessary visits for routine care or emerging health issues;
  • Consult with the nurses and other clinical team members to answer questions and review the progress of care;

GA MedGroup associates reviewing Medical Information
GA MedGroup nurse smiling at patient in wheelchair

  • Provide progress reports, counseling of care, and outcome expectations to patients and their family members on a timely basis; 
  • Reduce avoidable transfers to the hospital and emergency room;
  • Provide timely assessments and review of plans for transfer or discharge to home or a new appropriate care setting;